About the Contagious Truth

This is a blog about Social Marketing.

Not Social ‘media’ Marketing – which is a different beast entirely (don’t get me started on that one.  Or do, but over on Twitter).

This is an exploration of behaviour change, crowd dynamics, psychology and, you know, social marketing as social marketing should be.

There’s going to be commentary, research, sharings and considerings.  Plenty of conversation too, I hope.

So why the ‘Contagious Truth’?

I believe that the driver of all great behaviourally focussed work is core truth.

On its own, truth is an interesting product of research and insight.  But when allied to great communications design, it becomes contagious, inspiring meaningful action and reaction.

Contagious Truth comes from a place of authenticity and meaning.  Contagious Truth resonates and reverberates. Contagious Truth demands to be shared.

It is as simple, and beautifully complex, as that.

And so it seemed like a good name for this blog…


Neil Hopkins 



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