Meet Neil

Hello.  How are you?

Now that we’ve met, I think that it’s only fair I tell you something about myself.

Over the years, I’ve been told that I ask too many questions, have a brain “like a virus” and am a “fine blogger. Bang on the money”, all of which I took to be great compliments.

Professionally, I sold my first article to a UK high street magazine aged 14, started working for a specialist automotive editorial agency at 18, was creating work which would now be called ‘content marketing’ for local government by 22, was poached for a specialist communications & economic development consultancy by 24 and began working in a specifically behaviour-change focused arena at 26.  In 2014, I took over as Head of Communications for two local government authorities, improving and developing their communications to meet complex social and political challenges.

Because there are obviously far too many hours in a day, I’m currently developing a number of new blogging projects – this one covering social marketing, another looking at community dynamics (in development) and a third exploring the slightly itchy experience of being a Millennial (in development).  I focus on creating conversations, influencing behaviours and marrying idealism with pragmatism.

All of which are works in progress (especially the last one).

Phew.  That’s enough about me.  Why not introduce yourself by commenting below, or by connecting with me through other platforms?

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